Seeing a Chiropractor for My Cycling Injury

I so love riding bicycles, but I had a pretty bad accident last year. Another cyclist ran into me, which caused me to nearly go over the edge of a steep hill. I landed on my back, I just haven’t felt same since then. I’ve been to a lot of different doctors, but no one has really been able to make me feel normal again. My current doctor has referred me to a chiropractor in Redding. This will be my first time visiting the chiropractor. I don’t know why waited so long to do so, but I’m looking forward to possibly feeling relief.

Before scheduling my appointment, I decided to check out the Doctor and learn some more about his practice. I like to do a bit of research on my doctors before I commit to anything. I learned that this Doctor has been treating patients for a while now. I was able to go on the website and read some of the great comments that have been posted by patients. In addition to learning about the type of treatment that I would be interested in, I was able to learn about other types of injuries that they treat. I never really thought about it before, but massage might also play a huge role in my recovery. I guess I’ll find out more when I go in for my appointment.

I use the website to request an appointment. It was a really simple form, and it didn’t take much time to complete. I like that it didn’t ask me for a lot of invasive information. All I had to provide was my name and contact information, as well as the preferred date and time of my appointment. I’m expecting a call back from them to finalize these details, and then I’ll be able to go in for my appointment.