Living It Up in Las Vegas

Moving into Las Vegas Summerlin apartments was probably the best decision I’ve made in years. It’s funny to talk about moving into an apartment as one of the great decisions you’ve made, but I really feel that is the case in my situation. I first moved to Las Vegas about five years ago because I had some money and wanted to make a new start and I thought the weather here would be good for my health. It’s certainly boiling hot many days of the year! But it’s a dry heat and good for my asthma if you can believe it.

My mistake in moving here is that I didn’t do any research before setting out. I just came to the city and immediately set about finding a place to live. I had to sleep in my car for a few days before I found a place, and unfortunately I ended up living in one of the trouble areas in the city. The crime was really bad and it took me some time to move to another place. Then another place, and another place. It took me some time to find the perfect apartment living in this city.

Summerlin is like a dream come true, though. It’s in a great part of the city, far away from the problem areas I lived in before. I feel totally safe here. I also enjoy the location because I can literally walk to several places where I can eat or get some groceries. I can drive to even more great places. The best thing about living here is the actual apartment, largely due to the spacious rooms. It’s the biggest apartment I’ve lived in since coming here and I feel like a queen sometimes! I love it here so much I doubt I’ll even entertain living anywhere else.