Finding Beads

Finding the Right Beads

The perfect bracelet looks like something you’d find in Walmart if you buy the wrong beads.  A simple internet search will yield a ton of different results.  Often times you don’t want to pick the first person.  The first person will have the highest profit margin.  A high profit margin is good for them, but bad for you.  You want to keep scrolling down till you find a mom & pop beading shop that you can get quality beads for an inexpensive price.  These shops are hard to find on the internet because many beading shops don’t manage their online presence or even have a website to begin with.  The beading shop down the street from me is excellent, but they don’t even take credit cards.  I was shocked when I first went to pay for my box of beads only to learn that they don’t take plastic.

I needed to go to the ATM to get my at the moment cash to be able to afford to pay for the huge assortment of beads that was in my box.  They sell beads at a very affordable price.  It will be difficult to find someone online that will sell beads at a low price, but if you search long enough you are bound to find someone.  One of my readers found this great site “beads galore international” so I figured it might be a good video for you to watch.